Compete against top sailors and eSports gamers from all over the world in this challenging multiplayer sailboat racing simulator

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3,044,492 boat race-starts to date ...

Why SailX?

Global Community

Global Community

SailX has the largest global community and busiest race fields, 24/7/365.

Unparalled Experience

Unparalled Experience

SailX has the best race management and highest-quality virtual racing.

Unrivalled Support

Unrivalled Support

SailX features active human moderation to ensure a great experience for all users.



Registered Users


  • User profile
  • Fleet racing
  • Casual racing
  • Limited protests
  • World Ranking
  • Live chat
  • Access to replays
  • Access to Forum & Wiki

For Subscribers


  • Team and match racing
  • Entry to restricted/major events
  • Unlimited protests
  • Accelerated World Ranking points
  • Standalone (improved) user interface
  • Boat customisation/branding
  • Boat/course voting rights
  • Environment controls
  • Limited admin/umpire rights

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