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The RYA Dinghy Show SailX Championship is a virtual fleet-race regatta organised by the RYA and SailX in collaboration with the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club. This regatta is taking place online during the seven weeks leading up to and including the RYA Dinghy Show 2013 (2nd / 3rd March in Alexandra Palace, London).


It all came down to the wire in the exciting conclusion of the RYA Dinghy Show SailX Championship. The final regatta was held today at 1200 between individuals at the RYA Dinghy Show and hundreds of other sailors all over the world.

In this final regatta the 29er Class just beat the Musto Skiff Class to take the "RYA Dinghy Show SailX Championship" trophy for the top class in the Championship and user "blow" managed to hang on to his lead and defend from one of last year’s finalists, "K11", (Keith Escritt) to win the Virtual Endeavour Trophy. Prizes were presented on the Main Stage by Robert Coyle, Commodore of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club.

****** EVENT FINISHED ******

UK Nat Champ & Virtual Endeavour Trophy Winner: Blow

RYA Dinghy Show SailX Trophy (top Class): 29er Class

Overall Winner (all countries): Pistols

Amando Estela, SailX founder "We were delighted with the competition again this year. While the number of competitors is roughly similar to last year, we have seen a clear progression in standard of racing as UK users get more familiar with SailX but also as more and more sailors get involved.

“For example last year it was much clearer who the top-three individuals where going to be - but this year we didn't know the result until the last minutes of racing.

“We were also really pleased with the reaction we have received from show visitors too - with a particularly good reaction to our "Club Offer" that allows clubs to set up and police their own SailX private racing from the comfort of their own clubhouse. SailX gives these clubs a great tool to keep their members engaged and learning when the sun doesn't shine.

“We are already looking forward to coming back next year again but this time perhaps with the first inter-club regatta!"

The RYA Dinghy Show SailX Championship saw six weeks of racing between 550 individuals with three regattas per day making a grand total of 126 regattas and nearly 100,000 minutes of user-racing time.

To find out more information about SailX and how your club could get involved go to www.sailx.com/clubs.

The Championship takes place in three phases - as follows:
1. 1st Phase: Jan 21st to Feb 3rd
2. 2nd Phase, Feb 4th – Feb 17th
3. Final Phase, Feb 18th – Mar 3rd


This event is OPEN to all SailX registered users. If you are a registered user please login here.
To register in SailX (we need only a valid email to verify) you can click here, registered users can access the live info about the event (entry list, results, rankings, replays, ...).

First a bit about SailX...

SailX is the largest, most diverse and most active inshore racing & training game in the world
• On average SailX hosts a 12-person race every 5 minutes, 24hrs a day, every day
• That's approx. 100,000 races, 1,200,000 individual finishers and 1.5m rules incidents judged by the SailX rules-engine every year
• The SailX community is made up of nearly 26,000 users from over 100 countries worldwide
• On average users spend a total of 10,500 highly-engaged hours (14.5 months) racing each month

To try racing NOW (but as a Guest hence with minimal rights) - please click HERE.

Our Facebook page is at http://www.facebook.com/SailX.Inshore.Racing.Game

Our Youtube channel is at http://www.youtube.com/user/SailXRacing

For more information about SailX click HERE

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