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• Sail Canada Virtual Sailing National Championship 2013 now concluded
• Total of 771 entries registered - of which 65 were Canadians
• 168 x 4-race regattas over 6 weeks (users only had to complete 9)
• 20,000 legal boat finishes, 26,000 fouls & 200 days of racing time recorded
• All protests now resolved so final results can be confirmed as:
      • Canadian Results: 1st – Tinkersailor; 2nd – McG; 3rd – Markolus
      • Overall Results: 1st – flow / USA; 2nd James_S / AUS; 3rd Yahooz / USA


On Sunday 28th April the free online racing and training game, SailX.com, hosted the final four regattas in the ‘Sail Canada Virtual Sailing National Championship 2013’ - a championship that has been running 24/7 for the past six weeks.

In total 771 individual competitors entered the Championships, of which 65 were Canadian entrants. Over this six-week period, SailX hosted just over 20,000 boat finishes in and around the championship regattas. This corresponds to a total of 290,000 minutes or 200 days solid of highly-engaged user racing time - what an epic regatta!

To get a feel for the level of competition take a look at the following two videos of racing:

Skiff Race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxFezZamC_E
Catamaran Race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd_DBEUmPwk

With all protests now concluded in the SailX Protest Room (all racing is held in strict accordance with the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing), we are delighted to reveal the final full classification.

In the end this first ‘Virtual Sailing Canadian National Championship’ was won by ‘tinkersailor’ who also placed a very strong 4th in the Overall Classification (the event was open to sailors from all over the world too). Second position was claimed by ‘McG’ who finished 7th overall – meaning two of the top-10 overall ranking positions were occupied by Canadians. In third position was ‘Markolus’ some way behind with 24th position overall.

In the General Classification (no nationality restriction) the new and existing users couldn’t match ‘flow’ (Steve Hunt, two-times Etchells World Champion, Congressional Cup Winner, 7-time member of the US Olympic Sailing Team, 2-time All-American and regular ‘Sailing World’ contributor) who once again asserted his position as the man to beat! Second position was ‘James_S’ from Australia and ‘Yahooz’ from the US.

One interesting outcome from the event is the summary of rules broken (see attached), which should give sailors some valuable info on which rules to make sure they have learned off by heart! Surprisingly this chart shows the simple rules R10 (port-starboard) and R11 (windward-leeward) as the most broken rules by far in this close quarter racing - with the much more complicated R18 (Mark Room) coming in as the third most broken rule – perhaps less surprisingly.

Final Results

Top-3 Canadians:
  • 1 tinkersailor – 5869 pts
  • 2 McG – 4833 pts
  • 3 Markolus – 2212 pts

Top-3 Overall (no nationality classification)
  • 1 flow / USA – 8467 pts
  • 2 James_S / AUS – 7377 pts
  • 3 Yahooz / USA – 7123 pts

Championship Statistics:

• 771 individual entrants
• 64 Canadians
• 20,232 boat-finishes
• 288,959 minutes user racing time

So that’s it for now, apart from to say a big thanks to co-organisers, Sail Canada and SailX.com. Until next year …


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About SailX.com
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